Java API

The Java API comes free with Slingshot and is use widely to display streaming data in a browser. It is lightweight, simple to use and works across different broswers. Most of the examples you will see in this site use the Java API.

The Java API consists of a Client API and a number of display applets. The Client API can be used on its own and build custom Java applets or applications. The customisable display applets allow web pages to be built very quickly providing the functionality to display: quotes, quotelists, tickers, graphs and news. For the greatest degree of flexibilty the Java API also includes a Javascript applet. This applet has no display of its own but simply manages a connection to the slingshot server, requests data and passes back the updates as Javascript callbacks. This allows web designers to utilize the full power of DHTML to seamlessly integrate streaming data into a web page and display it however they like.