Firewall and Proxy Friendly

The Slingshot Web Distribution System (WDS) has been designed to work through the strictest of corporate firewalls, routers and proxies.
The WDS uses HTTP and HTTPS over standard ports to send data to its clients. This means that to firewalls and proxies it is indistinguishable from any other ordinary web traffic. So as long as you can connect to the internet, you can get real-time data from a Slingshot server.

Some (blocking or caching) proxies will intercept a client's web request and try to download the entire document on their behalf. The Slingshot Client APIs will test for such a proxy and reconfigure themselves only to request data in chunks small enough to get through the proxy without being cached.

Some examples of common supported proxies (both from within a broswer and in a stand-alone client application) are: Squid Proxy, Sun ONE (Netscape) Proxy, Microsoft Proxy, MS Proxy 2.0, ISA Server.